Reverse Bucket List: Things I Have Already Accomplished Whilst Travelling

March 21, 2018

Recently I have really been into all things travel. Maybe it’s because I follow a lot of people on Instagram who are always posting amazing holiday photos or maybe it’s because I am really into Disney World vlogs at the moment. Anyone else love watching Disney World Vlogs as well? 

Then I thought to myself I have actually travelled to many places before but I haven’t really listed what I have achieved whilst traveling. I was flicking through the 365 Blog Topic Ideas book and I saw a blog post topic on “Reverse bucket list: where you list things that you have already achieved” instead of listing things that you wish to achieve. I thought to myself this would be a great topic to do a reverse bucket list on. 

– Traveled to the top of Table Mountain (South Africa)

– Ice skated in Central Park (New York City)

– Swam in the Red Sea (Egypt)

– Visited the Eiffel Tower (Paris)

– Rode on a camel (Egypt)

– Visited The Leaning Tower Of Pisa (Italy)

– Went inside Notre-Dame Cathedral (Luxembourg)

– Visited Pompeii (Italy)

– Walked the streets of Cannes (France)

– Stood in Times Square (New York City)

– Visited the Morocco Mall (Casablanca)

– Taken a cruise down the River Nile (Egypt)

– Had dinner at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (South Africa)

– Wondered through the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona (Spain)

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