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Yesterday was one of my closest friends 22nd birthday. So to celebrate we headed to the top of Selfridges to Il Tetto. Every year Selfridges changes the restaurant that is at the top. I went two years ago for my 20th birthday when it was Forest On The Roof you can see my review about it here. As you can probably tell from the name of the restaurant this years theme is Italian. 

The aesthetic of the restaurant is always super cute and totally Instagram worthy. Last time when I came it was the Summertime so the roof was all open and you could look out onto London much more clearly. However, I still had a great time and we were super lucky to get a table as it was quite busy when we went. 

The drink that I chose was one of their non-alcoholic drinks called “Virgin Bramble” which was £6.50 and had apple juice, lemon juice & berries inside. How pretty does the cocktail look? It was delicious as well. The only issue I have with these types of cocktails is that they have loads of ice in them so you have to wait a while to drink it or drink one and order another one. When it comes to eating out I have found that as I got older my friends and I would tend to order loads and share it. We would then split the bill between how many of us there are and it would often work out the same amount as if we had paid for what would have chosen just for ourselves.

One of the first things we ordered straight away was the Pizza Romana in Carloforte which had San Marzano tomato, tuna, red onion, capers, black olives & cost £16. It was one of the most delicous pizzas I have had. I love a pizza that is thick but light and fluffy at the same time, you know those pizzas that have air bubbles in them. I’ve always loved olives on pizzas especially black ones as they add a lot of flavor to it. 

We also got some DOP Burrata which came with Modena balsamic vinegar, pickled radicchio & hazelnuts which was £12. Of course, we had to get some pasta with mushrooms and creamy sauce, however, this was not on the menu so we asked them to make it for us.  One of my friends got the Roasted pumpkin soup with chestnuts & sage which was £6.50.

All of the food was really good and the prices were really reasonable for a restaurant on top of something like Selfridges. I have to say my favourite was the pizza as it was just so yummy and fresh. I am a sucker for pizza but you can really tell the difference between these pizzas and ones from Dominos for example. 

We got a couple of sides such as the Parmesan truffled chips which were £5 & the tenderstem broccoli that came with garlic & chilli which was £4. I’d say broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables and I can never get enough of it. Overall the quality of the food was really good however, it did take a long time to arrive. 

I had such a lovely time there as I did last time and I can’t wait to go again as it’s such a great place to take family or friends who want to eat great food for reasonable prices at a lovely restaurant. If you read my blog post last time then you will remember the walk way was decorated with flowers. This time it was decorated with a forest theme with fairy lights which was super cute. 

You can book a table online or you can walk in, however, it does get very busy so you may have to wait for a bit if it is busy. I recommend going there even if it is just for drinks as the bar area is super cute as well. It’s a perfect place to take photos if you are into Instagram but you may wait a while if it’s busy to grab that perfect photo. 


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  1. Chloe
    March 12, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    The restaurant looks beautiful, definitely insta-worthy! I absolutely adore the look of the lit-up forest walkway. The idea of buying lots of dishes as a group and sharing them sounds wonderful, I don't know why my friends and I haven't considered it before. It seems like a great way to try out new dishes, as we're all guilty of ordering only what we know most of the time.Chloe x

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