Life Update: April 2018

April 27, 2018

Hey everyone, I thought that I would share with you today some things that have been happening in my life recently. I do love a life update post as I like to see what’s going on in people’s lives. I know you guys really like these posts as well as sometimes things that I put out on Instagram or Twitter can’t tell you a whole lot about what is going on.

Job Hunting
If you don’t already know then I am currently looking for a new job. I have been searching for around 2 months now which was longer then I had expected it to be I must admit. However, we did just have the financial year which means that businesses will get their new budgets to hire new employees. Even though it has been a long time I have had some really good experiences such as face to face interviews and phone call interviews. Although the right job hasn’t appeared yet I know that it’s a numbers game and it’s only a matter of time before I find the right fit for me and vice versa. 

Hong Kong
There are only 28 days until I fly out to HK for a week. I am beyond excited and the more I watch YouTube videos about HK the more I get excited. I am only going for a week but two of the days consist of travel so I will only actually be in Hong Kong for 5 and a half days. I have so much on my list of things I want to do mainly eating loads but also visiting Disneyland, Victoria Peak & the Tian Tan Buddha among many other things. I will be vlogging my whole trip as well as blogging it so you guys will get to see what I get up to.

Getting organised 
When I’m not applying for jobs what better way to make use of my time then to fully Spring clean my room. This week I have cleaned my room from head to toe, they do say a tidy house leaves you with a tidy mind. I feel so much better when my room is fully tidied and I don’t just mean looking at it but when my draws, wardrobe, and shelves are all tidy as well. I’m hoping that having a more organised room will mean that I feel more motivated to blog and film videos. 

Blogging/YouTube slump
I don’t know why but recently I have been quite demotivated to blog or film any videos. There’s no particular reason as to why but the motivation is just not there. I’m hoping that this weekend I can really sit down and think about what content I want to create. I am finding blogging a lot easier recently as filming a video really doesn’t appeal to me. But I know as soon as I start filming I love it. Maybe it’s the whole process of setting up that I hate but who knows. Let’s hope I can get my blogging/YouTube mojo back soon. 

Geordie Shore  
I know this show is rubbish in so many ways but I can’t help but watch it recently and admittedly love it. I started watching it again from season 5 when it started to get a bit more exciting. Charlotte, Vicky, and Sophie are my favourites as their one-liners are so funny. I have a feeling I would have watched all sixteen seasons in quite a short space of time. 

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