My Instagram Tips For Smaller Bloggers & YouTubers

April 11, 2018

If someone asked me which is the hardest platform at the moment to grow and build friendships it would be Instagram. I guess it only concerns those who really want to grow their following or create a community. These tips, in particular, are for those who have under 10k followers which is seen as a huge milestone on Instagram at the moment. 

I must first of all mention that my following grew a lot before the algorithm changed which meant that it was a lot easier to grow on Instagram. You remember the days when the photos on your home feed were in chronological order, those were the good old days. I’m not quite sure how I managed to grow as I wasn’t really paying that much attention to my profile compared to now. 

I should also mention that my tips won’t gain you, 1000+ followers, overnight but a more loyal following that will more likely follow you back and interact with you as well. I’m not an Instagram expert by all means but I have seen that these tips tend to work other Instagrammers as well. 

Use Your Insights 

Much like any other social media platform, you can analyse how well your profile is going. Most of the time you can see analytics such as audience, website clicks, impressions etc…Instagram does allow you to do this however, you can only see your insights if you link a Facebook page to your Instagram. 

Things you can see on Instagram insights are: 

– Profile visits 

– Website clicks 

– Impressions and reach of your posts

– How many impressions of your posts and stories 

– Your audience (Gender, age range, location and when they are most active)

I find my insights really useful as I can see how much my profile is growing and if people are engaging or not. I probably look at my insights a few times a day to see if I am making a plus or minus on my profile visits, website clicks or emails for examples. 

Comment On Peoples Photos

Every few hours I try to comment on around 10 peoples photos. People that I follow or don’t even follow. This is a great thing to do as it shows that you love other peoples photos as well as getting your own profile out there. Whenever I am looking for new people to follow I will always go through peoples comments and click on new profiles as it’s a great way to find new people to follow. I always find that most of the time when I comment on peoples photos they will return the favor which will increase the interactivity on your account. 

Follow People Similar To You 

This one is fairly obvious however, it really makes a difference. If you want to grow your profile to a specific audience then you will want to follow accounts that post similar content to yourself. You will probably find that your audience and the audiences of the people you follow will be the same kind of people. 

Whenever I’m looking for new people I will click on the + people sign in the top left-hand corner when you are on your profile page. This is where Instagram puts together people that they think you would like to follow. You will find the people here will be profiles that people you follow are following or similar ones to yourself. 

Upload Regularly 

Again this is another obvious one however, some people don’t upload regularly. I tend to upload 1-2 times a day maybe 3 if I’m feeling like it. I usually spend one day a week to take photos as the majority of my photos are fashion based. If I don’t have enough content then I will reuse a combination of old photos to create a photo carousel. 

If you can’t upload regularly then I would suggest that you upload at least once a day. Obviously the less you upload the less interest people will have in your profile which means that they are more likely to unfollow. If you are a forgetful person then why not set an alarm on your phone to upload daily so that you can remember. 

Use Instagram Ads (Only If You Want)

Instagram Ads are the only form of payment that I use to gain followers. I have used ads on Instagram for a few months now. I usually spend around £20 a month on a single image just to raise awareness about my profile. I can’t guarantee that I will gain loads of followers but it does mean that my profile is put out to new followers during the time that I am running the advert. 

I think you can only use Instagram ads if you have a business profile however, I’m not 100% sure about that. The advert allows me to decide whether I want to promote my profile or a specific website. I can choose where I want it to show, how long I want it to run and how much I want to spend on it. Instagram will then tell me roughly how many people it will reach and how many people will interact with the photo. 

Don’t Be A Stuck Up Instagrammer 

Now I am in no way pointing fingers at anyone here. But it’s always nice to feel like you are an appreciated follower. I always try to respond to every comment that I get and I always reply to any messages that I get unless they’re creepy. What I’m trying to say is if your Instagram profile does become successful please don’t forget to interact with those who support you on a daily basis. Whether you reply to 5 comments a day or showcase 5 of your favourite profiles on your Instagram story each thing you do means a lot to the other person.

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