Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Bank holiday weekends are always a lot of fun especially when the weather was as amazing as it was. Yesterday it hit 28 degrees in London which was higher than Havana and Los Angles! I couldn’t quite believe it as you can experience all four seasons in one day here in London. Although I wasn’t actually in London to experience it myself where I was reached 25 degrees it felt a lot hotter though. 

The beginning of last week I felt so unwell and just not myself so I rested a lot at the beginning of the week. However, towards the end of the week things picked up and I actually had about three interviews in the space of a few days which was quite hectic. On Saturday morning I went to watch my eldest nephew play football which was a lot of fun and then stayed over at my Dads for the weekend.

On Sunday we had a BBQ with family and friends and made the most of the sunshine. I was going to come back on Monday but the thought of driving home on a Bank Holiday really put me off. I finally feel like I am getting back to my normal self as the last couple of weeks I really haven’t been feeling well. 

It was really nice to have the sunny weather as I think we could have all done with brightening up considering the weather we have had recently here in the UK. I definitely mad the most of it as I managed to read some of the book that I am currently reading and had many cups of tea outside while taking in my surroundings. 

I also feel like I am getting my YouTube mojo back and I really want to sit down this weekend and film some videos. I am of course going to film when I go to Hong Kong. I cannot wait to go there as it’s only about two weeks away now which means that my excitement is growing by the day. 

Every week I want to try and do the things that I used to do whether it is reading a part of my book every day or to watch a new film once a week. When you are working full-time sometimes you don’t have time to do the things that you would like to do so now I would like to incorporate them into my weekly routine. 


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