I Turned 22

June 5, 2018

On Monday 28th May I turned 22! I know I can’t quite believe it either. I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong hence why I didn’t upload anything because I didn’t prepare anything before and I was too busy to write a blog post when I was out there. I did vlog on that day which will be uploaded later on this week. 

For my birthday blog posts, I have found that as each year goes by I prefer to write about non-materialistic things that I have learnt over time rather than the gifts that I received. Therefore, for today’s blog post I am going to share with you 22 things that I have learnt about life, love, friendships and everything in between. 

1. Friends come and go. I have found that as I got older there will be periods in my life where I see my friends loads and periods where I hardly see them because we are all so busy. The friends you used to hang around with when you were younger you may only see once a year now. You don’t necessarily end your friendship because of something bad but mostly because you drift apart.  

2. Home cooking becomes a thing. As a child, I always used to help my mum in the kitchen. I would help wash the vegetables or cut them when I was old enough to. Now I am at an age where I can prepare a meal from start to finish I try to cook a lot of dishes from scratch. I find it quite therapeutic as I can pop a YouTube video on in the background while I prepare my meal. 

3. Life can become hectic very quickly. I have found that one week in my life can be really boring and repetitive every day and then the next can be super hectic to the point where I am physically and mentally exhausted by the end of it. As a child, you are never really aware of how busy your life can get until you reach your late teens when you have to make big life decisions. 

4. Window shopping becomes easier. I have found that when I am running errands I find it easier to look around the shops without having the urge to buy anything. Mainly because I am trying to save more money at the moment to pay my bills. When you have bills to pay and you have to make a decision whether to buy a new top or to keep out of debt then keeping out of debt is always my top priority. 

5. I still need a birthday cake every year. No matter how old I will get a birthday cake will always be on my mind. Especially a chocolate cake as they are my favourite. 

6. Juggling your personal and work life is quite hard. Although it may seem easy it is actually quite hard to fit seeing in friends when you are working. If you don’t have a fulltime job yet then you will understand what I mean when you do. 

7. You go to the cinema less often. I absolutely love going to the cinema and I would love to go all the time but it is quite an expensive thing to do as it all adds up in the end. Especially in London where a cinema ticket costs around £15. 

8. YouTube becomes your new TV series. Obviously, this depends on whether you like YouTube or not but I could sit down and watch YouTube videos all day every day. 

9. Manners are really important to me. I was brought up with good manners which means that I appreciate people who have manners more. I think having manners is a really important thing and often if a guy doesn’t have manners for example then it would probably put me off them. 

10. Learning is a constant thing. I have always been a fan of education and I love school and college. I try to teach myself new things on a daily basis whether it’s something to do with my blog or general everyday life lessons. 

11. Travel is important for both your physical and mental health. I have always loved exploring the world. However, ever since I got older and I am able to travel to places by myself the thought of traveling the world excites me a lot. I cannot wait to tick off more of the places on my travel bucket list. 

12. Getting up early is good for productivity. I used to sleep in until about 1pm when I was a teen but as I got a bit older I wake up around 9/10 on my days off to get more things done. 

13. Making people happy is one of the best things in life. Even if it is a small gesture such as making a cup of tea or helping someone cross the road the feeling after makes you happy for the rest of the day.

14. Driving still scares me. Not driving itself but the thought of it before. I have a feeling it is related to my anxiety because I always feel a bit nervous just before I am about to drive even though I am quite capable of driving. 

15. Dating is a lot of fun but also hard work. Nowadays dating is really easy thanks to the help of dating apps but keeping up with them can be a lot of work.

16. Helping people out is something you sould do every day. I have found that by helping people in their daily life can make their day that much better. These can be small things like opening the door, picking something up if someone drops something, 

17. Little things mean a lot. I love it when people show their appreciation to others through the little things. Buying a bunch of flowers for someone, helping them around the house or at work, carrying something for them etc…

18. You want to celebrate your birthdays abroad. As I have gotten older I absolutely love spending my birthday in another country. It is so special to say that I turned 21 in Barcelona or that I turned 22 in Hong Kong. Who knows where I will turn 23! 

19.  When you are having a bad day a cup of tea and a hot bath can fix everything.

20. Going out to eat with your girlfriends is a lot of fun. There is nothing better than sitting down with your girlfriends and sharing loads of food while catching up on each other’s lives. 

21. Bedtime is the best time of the day. I know I am not the only one who misses their bed during the day when they are at work. There is nothing more relaxing than getting into bed at the end of the day and either watching a TV show, movie or reading a book. 

22. Shopping never goes out of fashion. There is something nice about being able to buy things with your own money. You could buy a really nice top from a higher end brand and say that you bought that with your own money. You also hope that as you are spending your own money that you tend not to impluse buy a lot and think more about your purchases (This still happens to me haha). 

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