Hong Kong 2018 Round Up – Prices, Tips and My Overall Thoughts

July 17, 2018

Hey guys, I thought that today I would round up my Hong Kong series and talk about how much everything cost, my tips for visiting Hong Kong and also my overall thoughts about the trip. Please bare in mind that I am doing this based upon just one person going to Hong Kong. 


I should probably start off by saying that for every 1,000 HK Dollars it is equivalent to £100. I actually paid for my hotel and flights with a Virgin holidays package which cost me £890 in total. I started off by paying a £175 deposit and then I paid the rest in installments as that was the best payment method for me. I stayed at the City Garden Hotel and flew with Virgin Atlantic. 

My transfers to and from my hotel were 150 HKD each way so around £15 which is a really good price. If you are staying in a hotel in HK then expect to pay a 1,000 HKD deposit when you arrive so make sure you have enough money to last. I then got an Octopus card which is similar to an oyster card. You have to pay a 50 HKD deposit before you can put any money onto the card. Depending on where you travel you can expect to pay around 11.50 HKD for a one way trip on their train system. 

Food and drink were really cheap with meals costing around 58 HKD on average which is around £5.80. However, you can expect to pay more depending on where you eat. For example, one day we went for afternoon tea which was around 220 HKD for the whole thing. Souvineers can cost around 30 HKD upwards depending on what you wanted to buy. I mainly bought mine from the markets which meant that they were reasonably priced and there was always room for negotiation. 

An average day’s spending for one person in HK:

Food and Drink 300 HKD (£30.00)

Travel 50 HKD (£5.00)

Souvineers 200 HKD – 400 HKD (£20-£40)

Hotel roughly 140HKD per night (£14 per night) For my hotel roughly 

= 690 HKD per day (£69.00) I had planned my spending to have around 1,000 HKD per day as I had already paid for the hotel in advance. 

(This is not 100% accurate just an estimate based upon what I spent)

Tips that I learned on holiday

– Depending on where you live take travel into consideration. For example, I went for a week but I only really had 5 days in Hong Kong as two of them were taken up by travel because the plane journey was 12 hours long. 

– Hong Kong isn’t actually that big so you can do all of the main things in one week.

– Definitely get an octopus card to travel around with 

– Don’t forget they will take a 1,000 deposit off of you when you get there 

– Hong Kong is a safe city but still be aware of your surroundings 

– Always have a bottle of water with you especially during the Summer as it is really hot and you need to keep hydrated

My Overall Thoughts 

I really really enjoyed my time in Hong Kong and I know I will be going back. I would love to visit the beach as well as having a more relaxed time next time I go instead of rushing around trying to see all of the main bits. I would probably go to the next hotel up so that I could spend a bit more time there around the pool when I wasn’t exploring. 

Traveling alone can seem daunting, however, I think that this was the perfect experience for me. The city is really safe, to begin with, so my mind was already at ease because of that. In addition to this, the transport was amazing and really easy to use so I never felt lost or stressed. It really helped that my friend lived there as well as she was able to show me around. However, I believe that if she wasn’t there next time I visited I would feel just as comfortable because it is a really lovely city. 

The food was insane and every meal I had was absolutely delicious. I bought so many cute souvenirs for friends and family from markets and shops so finding things that everyone will like is really easy. I do wish that I had explored more of the nightlife however, I was always so tired at the end of the day that I just went back to the hotel early and crashed out. 

I’m so glad that I documented my holiday so that I can look back on it in the future and also people who are traveling to Hong Kong can get a feel for what it is like as well. I’m hoping to go back soon maybe in 2020 with a few more friends as we are all part of the same friendship group. 

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