Life Update: July 2018

Hey everyone, so you may or may not be wondering where I have been. These past few weeks have been super hectic and you will find out why in just a moment. Now the busiest weeks have passed it also means that I will be able to blog and film videos a lot more which I am super excited about because I have missed having the time to sitting down and writing a blog post or filming a video. 

I am going to be planning lots of things to write up about as well as things to film so expect to see new content on both my blog and channel soon. I never usually plug my other social media profiles but if you want a more real-time update then follow me on either Twitter at asiajade4 or on Instagram at asiajade04 where I update more regularly on new content I am producing.  

New Job

I finally got a job! After all of the hard work, I have put in with applying for jobs, attending interviews and having phone interviews it finally paid off. I will definitely be writing a separate blog post on my job search strategy as I think it could really help people. I definitely think that everything happens for a reason as I am really enjoying this job so far. I have high hopes for this job as everyone is really nice and I feel like I have settled in well already even after a week. 

Saving instead of spending

Now that I have a full-time job again I really want to focus on saving this time around instead of spending. Of course, I’m still going to enjoy the things I love to do but also put more into my savings account as well. I’m very good in the sense that I always work out my outgoings before I get paid and then as soon as I get paid I pay all of the bills I have and then work out what goes into savings and what I can have to spend. 


I would really like to read more books now that I have a bit more of a structured week. I tend to read the newspaper in the morning to catch up on the news. However, I would really like to get reading the books that I have yet to read. I have a pile of books that are on my list of books to read but I just don’t seem to get around to it. I could possibly read a book on the way home as it makes the journey go quicker as well. 

Work-related content

I’m thinking about posting more work-related things such as outfits to wear to work, what to have on your desk and what work life is generally like. My main demographic of followers are aged between 18-34 meaning that some of you will have an office job like me, some are still at university or some are working in other jobs such as retail. I really want to produce content that is useful and can help others who have never had a fulltime office job before. 


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  1. Chloe
    July 25, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    So happy to see you're back Asia and congratulations on the new job! I'd love to see which books are on your to-read list at the moment, always looking for recommendations.Hope you're having a great week!Chloe x

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