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August 27, 2018

Hey lovelies, I want to start incorporating more fashion onto my blog. I also want to do it in my own style I’m not sure how I am going to do this just yet but I thought that I would start by sharing some of my favourite outfits on a weekly basis. As we are fast approaching Autumn I wanted to get a few Summer outfits up on my blog that can also be transitioned into Autumnal ones as well. 

My first outfit is this pretty blue dress, wedges, and a fedora hat. The dress is from Primark and was only around £10 which is amazing as it’s such a pretty dress. I bought it around a month ago while I was in the first few weeks of my job. I knew that I could afford to buy it as I would get the money back when I was paid but also because it was only £10! 

I also got it as I knew that it would be a great weekend and work dress. Where I work the dress code for women is pretty flexible as long as it looks smart. I could easily pair this with a black blazer, black pumps, and an appropriate bag. However, as I was going out with friends that day I decided to pair it with my wedges from H&M which were around £15 and my fedora hat which is again from H&M and was around £12 I believe. 

If you wanted to wear this outfit during Autumn you could put a thick cardigan on along with tights and some ankle boots. I can’t wait to style this differently during Autumn as most of the time you can wear Summer clothes during the colder months. All you have to do is to add a few layers and accessories and then you are good to go. 

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