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August 19, 2018

Hey everyone, happy Sunday I hope your morning is going well. Today I am going to be sharing with you a restaurant in Exmouth market that I went to last week. I actually went there to meet Ameesha who runs the blog Bold In Origin. We have been following each other for a while and finally got a chance to meet up. I find that I often talk to lots of bloggers and YouTubers through social media but I hardly meet up with any. I would love to make this a regular thing and meet up with more creators. 

Ameesha’s links:

Bold In Origin Blog

Twitter @Boldinorigin

Instagram @Boldinorigin

We decided to meet near my work as I was working that day and Ameesha wasn’t. Ameesha found this cute restaurant in Exmouth Market which is about 5-10 minutes from my work. I had never heard of the restaurant before but I was open to eating anything. The restaurant itself was really cute and quite rustic like which I liked. We ended up going at 5.20 as I finish work at 5. However, when I got there it was empty and I was the only one. But as the evening went on it got busier and busier which was a good sign. 

Ameesha and I chatted for ages about everything as we had spoken a lot on social media and we had a lot in common. We blog about similar topics so you should definitely check out her blog if you like the topics I write about. Panzo is very similar to pizza but it is also quite different. Panzo pizzas are lower in saturated fat, easier to digest and are topped with the finest toppings. They are made with rice, soy, and wheat flour which makes the pizza dough lighter and more fluffy. 

I decided to go with the Triple P which had roasted pumpkin cream, mozzarella, Tuscan pancetta, salt-cured Sicilian ricotta cheese & parsley. I mainly got it because it looked really good in the photo. It looked exactly like the photo which I was happy about as sometimes photos in restaurants can be misleading. 

It’s a good job I was super hungry because this photo doesn’t do it justice as it was so big. Luckily it wasn’t that heavy at all however, I did leave a bit of the ham as it was quite rich and I couldn’t eat it all. It was £8.45 each which I think is really reasonable considering the size of it. I’m not sure if it was a one-off but our price also included our drinks but this may be an offer that they had on.  

Both of us really enjoyed it and it’s somewhere I would definitely recommend for a mid-week catch up with a friend as it’s got a really good vibe to it. It’s also really reasonable and a great place to order a few dishes and share them together. I really enjoyed meeting Ameesha and I hope that we meet up again as we still have so much more to talk about. I can even see a possible collab happening as we both write about the same sort of topics. 

Panzo Links:

Twitter @ Panzo Pizza

Instagram @ Pizza Panzo

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