Why I Still Enjoy What I Do

March 17, 2019

Recently, I’ve been pretty tied up with work as I’m transitioning into more of a marketing role rather than a split role of marketing and logistics. As I’m moving into a new role I’m also training up someone to take up my old logistics role as well as taking on more marketing. It’s starting to settle down a bit as I’ve completely dropped logistics now which means that I can focus more on marketing during my 9-5 hours. I finally feel like I can focus a good amount of time on my blog and YouTube channel when I am at home now as I’ve been putting all of my energy into training my new colleague up as well as doing marketing which has been more tiring than I had anticipated.

I have always found that my love for blogging and making videos never seems to go away as I always take a step back when I need to the most. I’ve been creating content for 5 years so far and in that time I have learnt that sometimes you need to put your real life first. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the blogging world which can sometimes affect your real life. I’ve always known that when something important in my real life comes up I have to take a step back from creating content. I would rather create good quality blog posts instead of creating loads of blog posts where the quality could be better. I am hoping that now things are beginning to settle back to normal at work that I will be able to focus more on writing blog posts and filming videos.

I usually try to dedicate at least one day a week to creating content for the week ahead. This is usually a Sunday as I’m not working so I usually take the day to relax, create content and sometimes go out to eat and explore a new place in London. Creating content can be quite lonely believe it or not as you are often at home on your own writing up blog posts or filming videos. I try to go and sit in coffee shops sometimes just to make it feel less lonely but also to treat myself to a nice tea and a cake. I think I’m going to gradually get back into creating content instead of diving right in and using up all of my energy quickly. I’m really excited about the year ahead as I have a lot of things planned which I will obviously share with you all.

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