I Turned 23.

July 7, 2019

Hey, everyone,  it’s been a  long time since I have sat down and managed to write up a blog post or film a video. However, since I last posted a blog post I have turned a year older as I turned 23 on the 28th of May. I was lucky enough to spend it in Portugal with my Mum and Nan. The day was spent by the pool and on the beach catching a tan, whereas the night was spent at a restaurant on the beach. The day was relaxing from beginning to end and I had a great time! I will be posting a blog post of my time out in Portugal very soon. Each year on my birthday I like to write a blog post to reflect on what I have learned over the past 23 years. As each year starts and ends I find that I’m learning a lot more about myself and also the world we live in. However, as I am getting older I don’t want these blog posts to be too long so I am going to start speaking about only 10 things each year.

I have so many blog posts and videos to catch up with as I have been super busy with work things but also just life in general. Sometimes, when you are so busy in your own life and work a full job it’s hard to get the motivation to sit down and write a blog post or film a video as all you want to do is relax. I finally feel like I am ready to sit down and create some content as I have managed to sort out my emails and my finances which both take time figure out and organise. Both of those things were at the top of my to-do list and now I have done them I feel like I have got my motivation back to tick the rest of the things off it.


One – This past year has taught me more about myself than any other year. Now I know that I can achieve almost anything if I put my mindset to it. I’ve been made redundant, worked as a freelance marketer for a few months, and then found a job I really enjoy.

Two –  I am a much more confident driver. Recently, I have been driving more and more and also making my journeys longer to improve my confidence in driving. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that when I first started driving I was quite a nervous driver.

Three –  I’ve started investing in my future by opening two ISA accounts (Individual savings accounts) one of them is a general investment account whereas, the other is a stocks and shares account, I’ve also opened a premium bonds account too. I’m hoping that by starting now it will help me in 10-15 years time when I will need it most. I am going to do a blog post on this as I have had lots of requests from people asking me how to start investing in your future.

Four – I have really been trying to focus on my mental health this year as I have had a few years where my mental health hasn’t been the best. These past two years my mental health has been really good and I have put in a few steps to help prevent a panic attack. Of course, it can still happen at any time but with the steps, I have put in they help me to calm down instead of getting worked up and beginning to panic.

Five –  As well as my mental health my physical health has been important to me as well this year. I have been trying to go to the gym more often as I pay quite a lot for it and hardly go. However, I recently invested in Women’s Best which is one of the best sport nutrition brands for women out there. It does help motivate me as I have just spent quite a lot so I want to get the most out of my money. I am also definitely seeing a difference in how quickly I tone up thanks to the products.


Six – Investing time and money in yourself is so important. I am quite good at being alone which is why sometimes I know that if I have spent a lot of time with people I just need a day by myself to relax and do what I want to do. Most of the time, I really enjoy movie marathons with snacks or going shopping by myself. I love browsing the shops but I often prefer doing it by myself as I don’t have to wait for anyone and vice versa. I have found that sometimes when things are really hectic you need to take a step back and fully relax or you will just burn out or get ill.

Seven – Being rich in knowledge is just as powerful as being financially rich. I try and read or learn something new each day as I think that it’s one of the most powerful things to feed your brain with new information.

Eight –  Your friendship circles change every 7 years which is something someone told me one time and it really resonated with me as I have made many new amazing friends over the past year but also let go of some.

Nine – Disney & Pixar movies will never get old. Over the past year, there have been many movies released by Disney & Pixar such as Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, Dumbo, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Aladdin, & Toy Story 4. I have always been a Disney & Pixar fane ever since I was little and I always will be so this past year has been a great excuse to go to the cinema.

Ten – Even though each year may not be the best it always teaches you many things about your self and the world we live in. I love to look back on the past year around New Years time as well as around my birthday which almost marks halfway through the year. I like to see if I am achieving the goals that I have set myself for the year as well as possible new goals I could set myself for the rest of the year.

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